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Sheenlac Paints


Years of Experience







Our brand Sheenlac was ideated, envisioned and set up back in 1962 by our founder Mr. John Peter. His ultimate goal was to exceed customer expectations with innovative products of high quality. Mr. Paul Peter, our Director of Factories, was assisting our Founder all along in his endeavor to make Sheenlac one of the finest paint companies of India. He was behind the idea of launching non-alcoholic wood polish, an innovative product in the industry. As a team, they went on to add innovations like packaging the products in HDPE bottles. This was a first-of-its-kind in India helping the company establish its presence in the paint industry. Decades later, our ideas and novelties soared high and Sheenlac became one of India’s most respected paint brands.

Since 1990, Mr. Sudhir Peter, son of Mr. John Peter has involved himself by bringing fresh ideas and invigorating the organization with zeal. He established collaborations with major global brands and infused new strengths to our brand.

The arrays of paints and related products under our brands have intended brand recall among industry influencers which is indeed an indication of the journey we have taken as a team. Our aim was to make Sheenlac a household name that shall help our end customers add color to their life. Our intention was aligned to the goal by adding a whole range of unique products for customers to paint any part of their home.

Our founder members were responsible citizens who believed in the concept of giving back to the society. Some of our endeavors like building places of worship for the community and the green initiative launched under La Ferme De Peter have been aligned with our social responsibilities.



Our subsidiary in Sri Lanka makes our foray into the international market a reality. Our exports to the Middle East, Vietnam, and Mauritius makes us a truly global brand. We have been rated A4 by CRISIL. Sheenlac has three quality production plants delivering a combined production capacity of 100,000 KL per annum.The empowered workforce and a strong will to convert innovative ideas to products propel our company to new heights. By adding innovations and oddities to our product line, and bringing delight to customers, we are poised to achieve the goal of becoming the largest paint manufacturing company in India by 2020.

A Joint Venture between Sheenlac and Jenson & Nicholson India Ltd (JNIL), the second oldest paint company in India in the year 2016 saw the birth of Jenson & Nicholson Paints Pvt. Ltd. (JNPL). Jenson & Nicholson India Ltd (JNIL) was originally incorporated in 1922 and is the second oldest paint company in India.
The motive of the JV is to leverage the rich heritage of Jenson & Nicholson, their brand “INSTA COLOR”, and the marketing and R&D expertise of Sheenlac. The JV aims to capture a considerable market share in the Decorative Paints market to cater to the contemporary needs of customers.
Our team at Sheenlac oversees the production quality at JNPL and has reinstated the brand INSTA COLOR completely to launch products with uncompromised quality. INSTA COLOR has high brand recall in the decorative paints market. Our high-quality formulations at JNPL are innovations of our R&D, keeping quality conscious customers in mind.

The brand Sheenlac Noroo is the culmination of a strategic partnership between Sheenlac and Noroo Paints & Coating Ltd, South Korea. Noroo. Noroo, a well-established brand in South Korea manufactures products ranging from architectural, protective, and automotive to industrial coatings.
The vast experience of Noroo in manufacturing environmentally-friendly products added a new dimension to our manufacturing. As the world moves towards sustainable products, our partnership with Noroo gives us the necessary strength to transform ourselves and cater to future growth steeped in principles of sustainability.
Our partnership with Noroo was established with an eye to manufacturing paints for the automobile segment. Our intention is to cater to OEM and body shop needs.

La Ferme De Peter

At Sheenlac, we are doing our best by contributing to a greener planet. La Ferme De Peter (LLP) is an initiative in that direction. La Ferme De Peter aims to revive organic farming techniques with innovation.

We support by helping the farming community to adopt environmentally sustainable methods of cultivation and creating access to the market for their farm produces. We also help by extensively working on research and development of new farming techniques and giving them to adoption to the community of producers. Our advisory service intends to steer the farming community with timely bits of advice that may help increase their output while keeping the cost under check.

At La Ferme De Peter, we also eye strategic farm acquisitions to increase our scale. We strongly believe that scale can bring repute and drive the expansion of the organic farming market.

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