Sheenlac 3076 – Enamel Glossy

SHEENLAC 3076is a single pack high gloss finish with excellent film integrity and built-in toughness. It extends a luxurious, brilliant glossy finish to the surface.


SHEENLAC 3076 is ideal for interior painting.It is also ideal for a new surface, painted wood and metal substrates.

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of manufacturing. The mentioned shelf life is applicable only in original tightly closed containers stored away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

1L paint
4L paint
20L paint


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Storage and Transportation


Do not store or transport the containers in direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures. Store the container in an upright position to avoid any leakage or damage.



Theoretical Coverage – 9 ㎡/liter at 50 ㎛ and specified volume solid

Practical Coverage – Allow appropriate loss factors

Technical Data


more-colorsWhite & Colors

Gloss /Sheen

superior-gloss85-95 Gloss Unit at 60° Gloss Head

Solid by Volume

chain45 ± 3%

Dry Film Thickness

overcoat-interval50 -75 ㎛

Method of Application

overcoat-intervalAir assisted Spray, Brush


drying-time< 430 gm/ litre

Stability of thinned paint

tack-freeUse within 24 hours

No. of coats Specified

pore-formation1‐2 coats

Drying Times
(·H: Hour, D: Day) 15℃ 25℃ 40℃
Set to Touch 5 Hrs 3 Hrs 2 Hrs
Dry Hard Next Day 12 Hrs 7 Hrs
Overcoating Interval with recommended topcoats Min Next Day 12 Hrs 7 Hrs
Overcoating Interval with recommended topcoats Max Extended* Extended* Extended*

*Ensure sanding with 220 emery before over-coating


Overcoat Preparation

  • Stir the paint properly before using
  • Use recommended thinners only
  • Do not over thin the paint more than the recommended levels

Surface Preparation

  • Ensure removal of all dirt, grease, and loosely bonded or flaking materials from the primed surface
  • Prime the substrate with Sheenlac Red oxide zinc phosphate primer or Sheenlac zinc chromate primer for best corrosion protection. Do this before coating the surface with SHEENLAC 3076
  • Remove all contaminations before applying the above primer
  • Prepare surface as per Sa2.5 (ISO 8501-1:2007) or SSPC-SP6 for maintenance and repair jobs
  • Else perform power tool cleaning depending on the primer selected

Overcoat Preparation Details

Airless Spray Tip Range 0.013″~0.018″
Air Spray (Conventional) Use suitable proprietary equipment
Brush Typically 30-40 microns can be achieved
Thinner Sheenlac 30T Thinner
Dilution Ratio (by volume)
Brush 10-20% Max
Airless spray As appropriate and lesser than 10 %
Air assisted spray 15-20% Max

Application Procedure

  • Apply SHEENLAC 3076within the over-coating intervals specified in the datasheet of the primer
  • Allow it dry as per time interval mentioned above

Application Precautions

  • Do not apply if material, substrate or ambient temperature is less than 10°C or above 45°C
  • Apply on when the substrate is at least 3°C above the dew point
  • Do not apply when the humidity is above 85%RH
  • Ensure proper surface preparation when exceeding over-coating interval or exposed to sunlight for a long time. This ensures proper inter-coat adhesion
Safety Features
  • Refer the MSDS of the product which is available on request
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Use personal protective equipment like goggles, face masks, gloves
  • Immediately rinse or wash appropriately using plenty of water in case of contact with eyes or skin
  • Seek medical advice if any sort of irritation persists
  • Do not inhale the vapour or spray
  • Seek immediate medical attention in case of ingestion
  • Use SHEENLAC 3076 only in industrial environments by qualified applicators

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