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Sheenlac Water-based interior wood polish is a PU based heavy duty polish with a glossy or silky matt finish that dries very quickly to a crystal clear film. Ideal for furniture, wood panelling, doors, table tops, wood carvings, etc.

Product Highlights

Technical Data:
Finish: Gloss / Matt / Satin
Drying time @ 30˚C and 60% RH:
Touch Dry: 2 minutes;
Recoating interval: 30 minutes
Shelf life: 2 Years
Application: Padding
Flash point: Above @ 12 ˚ C
Product Features

Theoretical Coverage: 100 – 120 Sq. ft. / L / Coat

**Actual coverage may vary depending upon the type of wood and its porosity.

Product benefits

Ease of application: Product can be applied using padding.

High penetration power: It penetrates the pores of the wood easily, enhancing the natural beauty of wood grains.

Performance: The product has best in moisture resistance and maintains sheen for a longer duration when compared to local French polish.

Application method

Fresh wood: On bare wood sand with grain using #120 grit and finish with #220 grit emery paper. Wood must be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, dirt, and any contamination. Fill dents, pores with Sheenlac water base Paste wood filler to create a smooth, closed grain surface. To get the desired colour use Solvent or Water base wood stains and allow to dry 2 hours. Sand mildly using #320 grit.

  1. Dilute WB Wood Polish with 40 – 50% potable water for ragging or brush application. Use 30% water for spray application. Do not mix stains with the topcoat polish. Do not apply thick coat
  2. Touch dry in 20 minutes and re-coat after 1 to 2 hours, Lower temperatures will prolong dry time from 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Apply minimum 3 coats. Additional coats can be applied for desired finish.

Previously varnished wood: Sand to obtain a smooth surface using #150 grit and finish with #320 grit emery paper. Remove dust using cloth dampened with mineral spirits. Use WB Paste for any repair work and follow application procedure for fresh wood as mentioned.


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