3 main enemies of wood furniture

Learning how to take care of your wood is all about understanding what things can put wood at most risk. While most wood types are regarded and tested as durable, this does not mean wood should be treated in a harsh and careless manner. It is even important to understand that many external factors come into play when we discuss taking care of wooden furniture, so here are some things you can look into and help keep your furniture safe.

Natural sunlight

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can ruin the finish of your wooden furniture over time, and the polish is one of the most important things keeping your furniture from chipping and rotting. To avoid this, you can move your furniture away from direct sunlight or at least limit the exposure to sunlight as much as possible. By opting to drape furniture clothing over the wooden furniture or by rotating its placement in your home throughout the year will definitely help the wood polish to stay longer and protect the wooden furniture.

Level of Humidity

Extreme levels of humidity can sometimes cause wood to swell up and warp. Therefore, it is key to maintain a zone in between too much and too little humidity. With very low humidity, it can cause the wood to lose moisture and shrink, while with extreme humidity wood tends to soak up the moisture and swell up. in order to avoid any splitting or cracking of wood over time, ensure that the humidity level stays balanced wherever the furniture is kept.

Liquid spills

It has been passed down from generations that placing a coaster underneath your drinks is absolutely necessary when dealing with a piece of wooden furniture and liquids, and this one has proved to be one of the most helpful suggestions. The thing with liquids is that tend to get soaked up by wood and leave a mark on the surface, which is something you want to avoid even if you are using the best wood polish in town! The water droplets could potentially cause rot and chipping, which is something you do not want for your wooden furniture. Hence it is very important to use coasters or saucers while placing liquids, this can even be substituted by placing a furniture mat and avoid liquid spills.

Now that you’re familiar with the top three enemies of wooden furniture, keep your eyes open and make the necessary arrangements they need. Although most woods are durable and can start strong for a longer period of time, there are some cases where they could appear damaged and would need repairs are done, which could cost you. Keep your furniture safe and your home happy!