Sheenlac Paver coat-2K WB PU is a two pack water based Polyurethane paint for direct application over prepared concrete / cement floor and stone types. It can be used for interior & exterior applications. The product will deliver superior durability and colour retention.

Recommended use

1. Residential car park / Interlock concrete block
2. Warehouse floor areas
3. Pedestrian walkways and Stairways
4. Terrace and vertical walls
5. Commercial car park area

*Recoat and drying period may vary under different conditions

Technical Data:
Colour: Clear, White & Colors
Gloss / Sheen: Semi Glossy
Method of Application: Air assisted Spray, Brush, Roller
Theoretical coverage: 70 sq. ft / litre @ 80 ㎛ dry film thickness
Dry Film Thickness: Minimum 80 ㎛ to be developed
Dry Time (25° C / 50% RH): To Touch: 4 hrs;
To walk on: min 18 hrs;
Wheeled Traffic: 48 hours
Surface Drying Time: 18 – 24 hrs
Mix ratio: 5(Base) : 1 (Hardener) by volume
Pot Life (25° C / 50% RH): Maximum 1 Hour
Product Features
1. Hot tyre mark resistance
2. High exterior durability
3. Self-priming
4. Low dirt pickup
5. Easy to clean

Theoretical Coverage: 70 sq. ft / litre in 2 coats

*Actual coverage may vary due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness and porosity and weather conditions.

Surface preparation

The surface to be applied needs to be clean and free from dirt, peeling paint and other contaminants like greasy materials and organic debris. Clean the surface using fresh water and appropriate surface cleaners.
The loosely bound paint needs to be removed using wire brushing or power tool cleaning. Any algae or fungus needs to be cleaned using house hold bleach and later wash the surface with fresh water. Any cracks and crevices needs to be filled with suitable filling compounds before application .Any dampness issues needs to be addressed appropriately before application .
After cleaning, sand the surface to remove any smoothness or glossy areas using wire brush or power tool sanding. Wash with fresh water to remove the dust, allow the surface to dry.
New concrete, masonry or plaster: The new concrete should have matured at least 30 days in ambient condition.

Application Data

Stir the base thoroughly. Mix hardener gradually into the base under continuous stirring as per the mixing ratios. Use potable water for thinning and don’t over thin the paint more than the recommended levels.
Apply a self-priming coat of Sheenlac Paver coat-2 K WB PU, by diluting with 30 – 50% water. Allow it to dry for minimum 7-8 hours (25° C / 50% RH).
Apply further coat of Sheenlac Paver coat-2 K WB PU at 10-20% dilution using standard brush, roller or spray.
One more optional coat may be apply depending on the hiding and colour requirements.

Note: Not recommended on floors where acid/alkali spillage are likely. Care should be taken when moving heavy motor vehicle, portable cranes etc. over the coated floor. Not suitable for any immersion services or water logging areas.

Application Precautions

1. While application ensure that surface temperature and air temperature are not below 10˚C or above 45˚C
2. Should not over thin the paint above the recommended dilution levels
Stir the paint properly before use.
3. Do not use mixed paint after pot-life period.
4. When exceeding over coating interval or exposed to sunlight for a long time, proper surface preparation should be necessary to ensure inter-coat adhesion
5. The application should not be done during unfavourable weather conditions like direct sunlight, rain, heavy windy situations, etc.

Storage and Transportation

Do not store or transport the containers under direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures. Store the container in an upright position in order to avoid any leakage or damage.

Shelf Life: One year from the date of manufacturing in original tightly closed containers stored away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

1. For the better performance of the floor coat ensure proper washing and cleaning of all algal and fungal growth, if any, at regular intervals of six months.
2. Ensure that the wheels of the vehicle doesn’t have any sharp object or high abrasive material like sand or stone chips sticking which can damage coated floors.
3. Mop the floor regularly and avoid the use of acids for cleaning purpose.
4. Never water wash the coated floor when the floor temperature exceeds 45°C.

1. Refer the MSDS of the product which is available on request.
2. Keep out of reach of children. Use personal protective equipment’s like goggles, face masks, gloves.
3. In case of contact with eyes or skin, immediately rinse or wash appropriately using plenty of water and seek medical advice if any sort of irritation persists.
4. Do not inhale the vapour or spray.
5. In case of ingestion seek immediate medical attention.

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