Scape Four Exterior Emulsion

Splash a touch of beauty to exterior wall surfaces with Scape Four Exterior Emulsion that’s available in a range of colors and offers great durability.
Bring the beauty of your wall to the forefront with the highly durable, light-fast Color Therapy Luxury Interior Emulsion.


Scape Four Exterior Emulsion is ideal to be used on exterior walls, cement plasters, ceilings, concrete and asbestos ceilings.
**Emulsion should not be applied on surfaces with seepage or dampness

  • wall-safetyHighly Durable – Offers the highest level of durability in its class while retaining the wall’s aesthetics.
  • value-moneySaves Cost – Instead of having to re-apply it many times, Sheenlac’s emulsion provides improved coverage and hiding.
  • fungusAlgae Resistant – Excellent resistance capabilities against algae and fungal formation.
  • easy-to-applyEasy to Apply – It’s easy to spread the emulsion with its excellent flowing capacity.

Packs Available

Shelf life is 2 years and should be stored between 15-30 degree Celsius

1L paint
4L paint
20L paint


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Choose Your Favorite Color


Available in more than 1600+ shades as per the Sheenlac Fan Deck



55-65* sq/litre for two coat finish under normal condions

**Coverage may vary due to factors such as method and condition of applicaon, surface roughness and porosity and weather conditions.

Technical Data

drying-timeDrying Time
@25 C / 50% RH

Surface Dry

quickdry-with-high-productivity30 minutes

Stability of thinned paint

tack-freeUse within 24 hours

Overcoating Period

overcoating period4 -5 Hours

Gloss /Sheen



more-colorsWhite & Colors


SCAPE FOUR Exterior Emulsion used for painting Exterior Walls, Exterior Cement Plasters, Exterior Ceilings, Asbestos Sheets, Concrete etc…

**Not to be applied on surfaces / substrate with continuous seepage or dampness

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