Melmyn Gold is two component Polyester based, acid cure wood finish for Interiors offers a hard, high solids film build with excellent Gloss and clearity. It has been formulated with Non-yellowing and mar resistance properties as well as greater resistance to water, alcohol, food acids, commercial maintenance / cleaning products and household cleaning products.


High end kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, table tops, dining and bedroom furniture, millwork, office furniture and store fixtures.

Melamine Gold Finish
  • fast-dryQuick drying and good stackable Nature – These properties make Sheenlac’s Melmyn Gold Finish a preferred choice for high productivity area
  • excellent-glossHigh gloss retention – Due to its superior surface build, the gloss levels do not sink, fade and dull out. This retention of gloss showcases the furniture as a new one for longer periods
  • fungusNon-yellowing – The special polyester formulation in the Melmyn Gold finish resists yellowing for a longer duration
  • superior-glossDurability with smooth finishing – The film produced by the Melmyn finish is hard and hence can withstand rough work on its surfaces
  • water-resistanceResistance to water and household chemical – It is an excellent choice for commercial and household furniture due to the water-resistant property of the finish
  • single-formulaA self-sealing product – Melmyn Gold Finish has been formulated as a self-sealing product and therefore no separate sealer is required

Product information

Available Packs

1L paint
4L paint
20L paint

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10-11 m²/ℓ per coat at 30 µm DFT
**Coverage may vary based on the type of wood used and the application methodology

Technical Data

Surface Dry
@30 c and 60% RH

Surface-dry10 – 15 minutes

Tack Free
@30 c and 60% RH

tack-free1 Hour

Overcoat Interval
@30 c and 60% RH

overcoat-interval4 Hours

Dry to Handle
@30 c and 60% RH

gloss808 Hours

superior-glossGloss level @ 60
Matt 20 – 25


Application Environment Surface Temp Ambient Temp Relative Humidity
Min 10 °C 15  °C 20%
Max 35 °C 45 °C 85%
Application Method-Basecoat Sealer Thinner No.of coats Re-coating Time Sanding*
Brush / Conventional spray 25-30% NC Thinner D-13X / D-18 2 4 Hours 320 – 400

*Sand lightly between coats with 320 emery paper to denim. Dust off with dry cloth. This removes upstanding wood fiber ends and dust particles which could draw moisture in behind the film and shorten the life of the coating.

Application Method-Topcoat Glossy / Matt Thinner No.of coats Re-coating Time Sanding
Conventional, Airless, Air Assisted Airless, HVLP 25-30% NC Thinner SP58 2 4 Hours 400

HVLP GUNS – 1.2 mm – 1.4mm tip 8-10 psi (output) CONVENTIONAL GUNS – 1.2mm – 1.6mm tip 40-50 psi

Application Tips

Provide two coats of Sheenlac MELMYN Gold sealer. Follow it with one coat of Sheenlac MELMYN Gold Gloss or Matt Finish.


Provide a coating of Sheenlac MELMYN Gold sealer followed by a coat of Sheenlac MELMYN Gold Gloss or Matt Finish.

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