Aspire – Interior

The resin package is commonly referred to as “the backbone” of the coating. The most common polyol resin used in 2K PU are polyester, acrylics, and polyester/acrylic blends. In broad terms, polyester resins allow for a higher solids finish but at lower cost with excellent solvent resistance and adhesion to wood while the acrylics provide faster dry, non-yellowing and excellent exterior performance.
Aspire PU products are 2- pack coating system in which Polyester Polyol groups react with isocyanate resin and gives reliable, high performance polyurethane finishes.
Aspire PU is Known for their excellent interior durability and resistance properties particularly against heat and moisture, are also able to achieve very high gloss levels. Aspire PU is free from formaldehyde. Due to fast curing with high solid contents, ensuring manufacturing efficiency and very competitive costs per sq.ft.


Aspire interior is the perfect choice for dark colored commercial and household furniture, high end kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, doors, Table tops, Bar tops, music instruments, sports goods, and other interior wood surfaces that require a hard durable finish. Not recommend on light / pale colored wood.

  • Chemical-resistanceExcellent Mar and Chemical resistance – The premium Polyester formula offers 3 Dimensional cross linking density of final film protect the wood from house hold chemicals, like soap water, Vinegar, beverages, floor cleaners, etc
  • excellent-glossExcellent Gloss retention property – High cross linking density of the film does not allow the film to get sink into wood and maintain the gloss for years.
  • flexiblityHigh flexiblity – The backbone chain is highly elastomeric in design hence no crack or peel off on ageing.
  • life-spanExtended Life span – Grips the most challenging of surfaces ( including properly preparing NC and A.C Melamine base coats ) resisting chipping and peeling.
  • chemical-freeFormaldehyde free – Polyester resin is cured with Isocyanate and hence no formaldehyde emission and irritating odor from the film. Ready to occupy at a shorter interval of time.
  • value-moneyValue for Money – PU Finish for your furniture at the sq. ft. cost of Melamine.
  • excellent-layerExcellent pore formation – With a high flow modifier, an open pore look is acheived in 1-2 coats or multiple coats can be applied to achieve a full-filled, close pore finish.

Product Information

Available Packs

1L paint
4L paint
30L paint

Types of Finish



80-100 Sq ft/L/Coat

**coverage may vary based on the type of wood used and the application methodology

Technical Data

drying-timeDrying Time
@30 c and 60% RH

Surface Dry

Surface-dry10 – 15 minutes

Tack Free

tack-free3 Hours

Overcoat Interval

overcoat-interval8 -12 Hours

superior-glossGloss level @ 60




The two primary components, polyol and isocyanate, are stored in separate containers. Mix them only when you are going to use the coat immediately.


First, seal the bare wood surface with two coats of Aspire Interior PU Sealer. Follow this by two coats of Aspire Interior PU Glossy or Matt.

Previously Varnished Wood (in good condition)

First, seal the previously varnished wood with one coat of Aspire Interior PU Sealer. Follow this by giving one coat of Aspire Interior PU Glossy or Matt.

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