Style PU Varnish

“STYL PU Varnish is high solid clear for interior wood surfaces based on alkyd polyurethane. It is formulated as a single component brushable clear which is easy-to-apply that provides a hard-wearing, high gloss coating and has good resistance to water, alcohol, abrasion, food stains, grease and detergents.
The product may appear slightly dark or purple in the can, but it dries clear. Slight ambering may be experienced when STYL PU Varnish is applied over light-colored stains or wood surfaces. Always spot test on a hidden area to ensure satisfactory results.”


Suitable for low traffic area; Wooden Furniture, show-case racks, corner tables, Wardrobe, Doors & windows.

  • unique-formulaSingle Component Formula – Easy-to-use right out of the can with no component mixing required.
  • fast-dryFast Drying – Convenient and quick drying solution that saves time, energy and manpower.
  • low-odourLow Odour – Paint odour is low during and after application making the property ready for occupancy in shorter period.
  • flexibilityGood Flexibility – Withstands constant wood expansion and contraction to minimise defects like cracking.
  • water-resistanceWater Resistance – Prevents moisture absorption for prolonged wood life
  • color-maintenanceVOC Compliant – Safe for use in residential or commercial applications.
  • superior-glossHeavy Metals Free – Non-hazardous and does not contain Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Cadmium and Arsenic.

Product Information

Available Packs

200ML Paint
500ML Paint
1L paint
4L paint

Types of Finish



90-110 Sqft/L/Coat

**coverage may vary based on the type of wood used and the application methodology

Technical Data

drying-timeDrying Time
@30 c and 60% RH

Surface Dry

Surface-dry30 – 40 minutes

Tack Free

tack-free4 Hours

Overcoat Interval

overcoat-interval6 -8 Hours

superior-glossGloss level @ 60
Bare Wood

Apply three coats of STYL Interior Polyurethane Varnish for best appearance and durability.

Previously Varnished Wood (in good condition)

Apply one to two coats of STYL Interior Polyurethane Varnish depending on the initial surface condition.

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