Nitrocellulose (N.C) Thinner -SP 58

Premium Grade Sheenlac’s NC Thinner SP 58 is synthesized with a blend of esters, glycols, aromatic solvents, and ketones. The thinner is best suited to all paints and coating that are nitro-based. It has been blended in exact proportion to reduce the lacquers before they are used on the intended surface.


NC Thinner SP 58 goes well with Wood and Automotive NC Topcoats that are clear and pigmented. The thinner is suitable for humidity prone regions also due to its anti-blushing properties under high humid conditions. On the wooden surface, they are flawless on Melamine wood finishes.

  • Surface-dryConsistency – Blends perfectly to reduce the lacquer to the required consistency and degree. Greatly improves film evenness and smoothness of the lacquer
  • high glossFinishing – As the admixed lacquer is sprayed or dipped, the excellent finish is conspicuous.
  • Chemical-resistanceResistance to Blushing – The lacquer seamlessly dries without undergoing blush. The NC thinner also does not leave a milky effect on the surface.
  • pore-formationEffect of Evaporation – The evaporation of the NC thinner enhances the tensile strength of the film along with the gloss it produces.
  • superior-glossReaction to Surface Defects – The NC thinner in the lacquer thoroughly helps to mask resin blush, pin holing and other surface defects. After the lacquer is coated to the surface, the NC thinner evaporates without leaving any orange peel.

Packs Available

Shelf Life is best before 6 months in HDPE bottles, 12 months in Tin Can containers.




80-100 Sqft/L/Coat

**coverage may vary based on the type of wood used and the application methodology

Technical Data


Clear Transparent


Mild aromatic

pore-formationSpecific Gravity

~ 0.86 ± 0.02

drying-timeFlash Point

11⁰ C


Excess usage can result in over-thinning of the Wood and Automotive NC Topcoats.

NC basecoat

It is recommended to add 200% of the NC thinner for clear and pigmented NC basecoats.

NC topcoat

It is recommended to add 100% NC thinners for NC topcoat ranges.

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