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Sheenlac Water based (WB) Interior heavy duty wood polish is an easy-to-use product at an economical cost factor that dries very quickly to a crystal-clear film. It has very low environmental impact during and after application. Ideal for Restoration of polish work on furniture, wood panelling, doors, table tops, wood carvings, etc. It’s not just a wax polishing but by providing a real coating which will last for years.

Product Highlights

Technical Data:
Finish: Gloss / Matt / Satin
Drying time @ 25˚C and 60% RH:
Touch Dry: 2 minutes;
Recoating interval: 2 Hours
Shelf life: 2 Years
Application: Brush / Roller / Spray
Flash point: Above @ 100 ˚ C
Product Features
Theoretical Coverage: 220 -250 Sq. ft. / L / Coat

**Actual coverage may vary based on surface and method of application.

Product benefits

EASY APPLICATION: Product can be applied using ragging with cloth, Brush, Roller or by spray.
EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY: Re-polishing process over previously lamination polished wooden surface like Melamine or PU polish made easy without scrape it out. Yes, WB Wood polish will not built the additional film thickness and can apply directly over any pre-polished surface.
PERFORMANCE: The product has best in Water and Alcohol resistance, no cracking, peel-off on ageing and fade out effects and maintains sheen level for a longer period compared to conventional polish.
MAINTAIN THE COLOR: Unlike conventional Polishes, WB Polish is colourless and will maintain its colour for years. This will keep the original wood colour unchanged on ageing which is highly required for light coloured wood.
ODOURLESS: No irritating odour during and after application.

Application method

Restoration of Polish work: Why we need Restoration? Wooden furniture and its surface often suffers from a build-up of dirt and grime, with the diminished colour and lustre resulting in a dull appearance. This is due to daily usage which leads to wear and tear. It is very much essential to maintain the shine and lustre and also the natural wood grains by timely renewing or restoring the wood polish. We suggest them to re-polish every 5-6 years. Follow these few simple steps to revive the old wood polish and make it fresh.

Restoration method: 1 Surface preparation for well-maintained wooden surface but needs a good shine or lustre

  1. Check the condition of previously applied polish and ensure no visible scratch marks, peel off, cracks and color fade out.
  2. Clean the surface with mild soap solution followed by a thorough clean with water and allow it to dry.

Restoration method: 2 Surface preparation for aged wooden surface with more damages

  1. Scrub and remove the old coating using # 220 emery paper followed by # 320 emery. Wipe out the dust with dry cloth
  2. To repair any scratch marks, cracks or to fill the joints, use Sheenlac Water based Timber filler. To apply the filler use Putty blade.
  3. Sand and remove the excess filler after one hour using #220 Emery paper.
  4. Apply appropriate Sheenlac wood stain colour using white cloth or by brush and allow it to dry for an hour. Wood stain process is optional.

Surface preparation for Fresh wooden surface: Sand the bare wooden surface with #120 grit and finish with #220 grit emery paper. Wood must be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, dirt, and any contamination.

Application procedure:

  1. Dilute the Water base (WB) Wood polish with 30 – 40% potable water for ragging or brush application.
  2. Always apply a thin layer using white Acrylic hair brush.
  3. For a full glossy finish, apply 3 coats of WB Glossy Polish.
  4. If you prefer Matt finish, 2 coats of WB Matt polish will bring the desired finish.
  5. Allow 60 mins time between each coat.
  6. Sanding is not required in between the coats; for any dust removal scrub gently using #400 Emery paper.

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