Sheenlac Lacquer Clear is a one component clear/transparent modified nitro-cellulose lacquer, for primer or finishing on solid woods, veneers or MDF, for open and closed pore finishing. The product dries to a tough and durable mar and stain resistant surface. The product is well suited for interior wood and furniture substrates, when an attractive durable finish is required.

Recommended use:
Ideal for interior furniture with low chemical and mechanical stress. Sheenlac NC Lacquer is suited for interior use on trims, furniture, doors, paneling, ornamental work and antique furniture. Not recommended for areas exposed to high moisture like kitchens or bathrooms. Great choice for refurbishing older furniture, vintage musical instruments and interior general millwork.

Available packs:


Product features:

Easy-to-use: The dried coating can be dissolved any time with appropriate solvent. Hence, easy and problem free repairs or restorations.
Good Clarity & Quick Drying: More productive even in multiple coatings that retain wood clarity.
Good Flow and Wetting Properties: Spreads and forms uniform layer even on difficult substrate conditions.
Water Resistance: Prevents moisture absorption for prolonged life of the wood.