Look out for a light-colored wood stain to retain the natural color of the wood on the exterior. Apply Sheenlac water-based semi-transparent wood stain on the bare wood. This wood stain available in four primary colors preserves the wood from fungal growth. The added benefit is the resultant amiable color it produces. The semi-transparent water-based wood stains have pigments that act as UV blockers and reflectors. Hence they offer impeccable UV protection.
We caution not to use any Clear finish for exterior woods as they do not protect the work from UV. It is worth mentioning that UV can damage the wood and discolor the finish. Exterior wood that has been coated with Clear finish looks good for a shorter period only. They later develop patches of faded and dark surfaces on the wood. They generally become blotchy; give a weathered look and has an unaesthetic appeal. Hence pigmented finishes are durable than clear finishes on exterior woods.

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