• The gates and grills are usually made of metal surfaces and the surface needs to be prepared before painting them
  • Sand the surface using 80# emery paper. This emery paper helps in removing any loose rust
  • Wipe the surface using enamel thinner or MTO. This ensures removal of any oily stains or sanding dust
  • Prime the prepared surface within 6 hrs of surface preparation using Sheenlac Red oxide zinc chrome primer or Sheenlac red oxide primer. This is done to obtain corrosion resistance and adhesion properties
  • Allow the primer to dry adequately
  • Apply the topcoat enamel- Shyne to obtain a uniform glossy finish
  • Use Sheenlac epoxy zinc phosphate primer followed by Sheenlac Polyurethane topcoats if your location is nearer to a coast. This is to give the coat a better corrosion-resistant property

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