Wood Polish

Wood polishes give good look on wood. But if your location is in a high traffic area the durability is of the polish is limited. They are ideally suited for wardrobes, and structures like wooden wall paneling and banisters that require minimal protection.

Wood Oil

Wood oil offers more durability than wood polish. They are easy to work with and are easy to repair. If scratches form on the wooden surface, the surface can be sanded and wood oil can simply be reapplied. The disadvantages of wooden oil are they have slow drying time and they virtually provide no gloss.

Wood Varnish

Wood varnishes are single-pack alkyd-modified polyurethane clears. They form a seal on the surface of the wood as they are applied and they are the strongest in its category. Among the wood varnishes, a 2-pack PU varnish is the strongest form. It is ideal if your wooden assets are located in high traffic areas where durability is of utmost importance. A perfect example of a wooden asset in high traffic location is a bar top. The more coats of wood varnish on such wooden assets, the better is their durability.

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