The large exposed area of an exterior wood that has been finished perfectly can remain unaffected for many years. All they require is simple maintenance. But wood joints and horizontal surfaces get damaged easily and can extend the damage to other areas of the wood. Take care to follow all the recommended guidelines for treating the wood for finishing the topcoat. It is always better to keep a close watch on the appearance of the wood by examining them periodically as recommended. When the finish begins to go dull and dry, you need to understand that it is time for another protective coat of Clear finish. This coat rejuvenates the exterior wood and also adds a layer of protection simultaneously. If the degradation has proceeded to the bare wood, then maintenance becomes a challenge.

Here is a simple test to check the condition of the finish

  • Spray the surface of the wood with water lightly
  • If the water beads up, the integrity of the finish is still good. However, if the water soaks right into the wood, it needs to be understood that it is time for a recoat

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