The weather conditions prevailing while painting is a deciding factor for a lifetime of the paint applied. The weather conditions for the interior paint can be managed in most of the cases. However, for the exterior painting, we will have to pay attention towards external temperature and moisture conditions. The ideal conditions for oil-based painting are between 20 to 37 Deg C and for water-based latex paints are between 23-37 Deg C. You should avoid painting on the exterior on a sunny or windy day. Extreme sunlight or wind dries paint before its time and may lead to paint failures like blisters, craters, and peeling.
Painting cannot be done in the rainy season too. Rain will just wash away your exterior paint. Also during the rainy season, there will be a build-up of humidity in the atmosphere. This humidity will prolong the drying periods of most of the water-based products where water is used for thinning the product for application purposes. It can also equally affect the over-coating intervals. Under the duress of completing the job work, if the painter or contractor doesn’t give enough over coating periods, it can lead to poor paint property development. This can eventually result in lessened durability and short-term performance. The issues of prolonged drying times can happen during the winter season as well. In short, a day with no rain, usual temperature, and the low wind is your best day for painting.

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