When soluble dye from the substrate seeps through the topcoat, the resultant defect is called Bleeding or Leaching. The defect is also termed Tannin, a kind of brown dye that bleeds from the timber, when it is wet. Many hardwood timbers are affected by Tannin Leaching.

Possible Causes


Improper Sealing of the Organic Red, Yellow and Orange coloured Stains • Avoid Red, Yellow and Orange colours since, they generally bleed.
• Use Vinyl Sealer to seal the lacquer topcoat. This prevents bleeding.
• Also, check to see if the Japan colours (Colours that are sacred in East Asia) do not contain any bleeding dyes/pigments
Certain wood with Natural Resin inside called Tannin bleed. Kwila (Merbau), Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Balau and Tallowood are some woods that bleed when exposed to rain without a coating or sealant. • Wash the timber with deck washes and timber cleaners.
• In most of the cases, this process reduces Tannin bleed.
Tannin Leaching continues for months in timbers Kwila and Merbau owing to their high Tannin content Seal with a barrier coat

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