Blocking/Printing/ Excessive Print

Blocking/Printing/ Excessive Print

Two freshly painted surfaces stick together, when pressed and this defect is called Blocking or Printing. The defect is basically associated with adhesion.

Possible Causes


Insufficient drying time Allow longer air-drying time.
Heavier coat Application Apply lighter coats or reduce.
Improper Coating Selection Check with your coatings supplier for recommended selection to use.
Entrapment of Solvent due to Heavy film Apply lighter coats or multiple passes.
Improper Catalyzation Check with your supplier for proper catalyst amount.
Presence of catalyzed material beyond pot-life Follow the pot-life time recommended by the manufacturer.
Drying of Catalyzed material in Cold Environment that is less than 20° C (cold cure). Ensure the drying environment is at a minimum temperature of 25° C.

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