The painted surface might develop a dull white haze on top owing to improper curing and humidity factor. This defect is termed Blushing and it is more prominent in lacquer paints sprayed in humid conditions. Blushing mostly occurs due to moisture/water vapour trapped in the film or resin precipitating out.

Possible Causes


• Humidity in Air is Above 60%.
• Damp Spray rooms (generally concrete floors at ground level).
Add upto 16fl.Oz. of retarder solvent in place of thinner.
Spraying the paint in Cold conditions Warm the paint till its temperature reaches 20-30° C.
Over-reduction • By Warming up the room, blushing caused by condensation of water and subsequent evaporation from cold spray rooms can be avoided.
• Close windows and bring the paint to room temperature.
• Bring the lacquer also to room temperature.
• Add retarder to thinner or use high quality thinner.
Presence of moisture in the spray equipment. • Check airline for presence of moisture.
• Ensure that the compressor has air cooler to prevent water condensation.

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