Discoloration or Floating Particles

When the paint comes in contact with floating particles in the painting area, discoloration is a possibility. Discoloration can be caused by other factors/reasons too.

Possible Causes


Vapours or Fumes are present in Painting Area Check for the presence of ammonia or amine fumes from adhesives or any other sources.
Reaction of Aluminium and Steel parts in the spray equipment with Water Borne or Acid Cure Use stainless steel or solvent resistant plastic parts and liners in spray equipment.
The pail lining comes off or the drum is improper • Strain the paint through a cheese cloth or a fine filter.
• Ensure no contaminants are present in the filter.
Presence of Old Nitrocellulose Products Discard and use fresh material only. Since, it can become amber on aging in the can and react with steel.
Chemical Reaction to Surface Treatments • Check the pH of the surface.
• If it is in the acidic range, it can react with the alkaline materials.

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