Excessive Material Usage

Excessive Material Usage

When the spray gun is not held as per the recommended guidelines, defects begin to appear. These defects are a direct result of Excessive Material Usage

Possible Causes


Failing to Trigger the gun at each stroke • Release the trigger after every stroke.
• Make it a habit.
Holding the Gun too Far from the surface • Hold the spray gun at a distance of 6-10 inches at right angle to the surface that needs to be painted.
• Work the gun always at right angle to the surface.
Fluid Pressure in the spray gun is too Low • Increase the fluid pressure.
• Check by cutting off air to spray gun.
• Hold the spray gun at shoulder height and now adjust the stream of paint to fall approximately 3 feet from the gun.
Air Pressure is too High in the spray gun Set low Air- Pressure.
Wrong Air Cap or Fluid Tip Use proper combination as recommended by the manufacturer’s guide.
Depositing material film of irregular thickness • Calculate the depth of the wet finish film accurately.
• Learn out of experience.

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