Fading- Poor Color Retention

Fading / Poor Color Retention

When the surface is exposed to excessive light, Fading can happen. Southern exposure is the direction of the sun and it is harsher. So, surface with southern exposure fades faster and results in poor colour retention. Poor Colour Retention also occurs due to chalking or disintegration of the painted surface.

Possible Causes


• Using Low quality paints.
• Painting Exterior with paints that are meant for Interiors.
• Painting in Certain Colours that are more prone to fading like certain bright red, blue and yellow colours. The ultra violet exposure on these colours makes them fade faster.
Remove the faded exterior completely by sanding.
• Painting Masonry Surfaces like Stucco and Concrete that are not cured properly. This results in a condition called “Alkali Burn”.
• Tinting with White or Light coloured paints that are not supposed to be used for tinting, can make the surface look faded.
• Adding Too much Colorant to a light and medium paint base.
Repaint the entire surface using high quality exterior paint and colours as recommended.

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