Gloss Changes of Flat Spots

Gloss Changes of Flat Spots

When the glossy finish changes, the defect caused is called Gloss Changes of Flat Spots.

Possible Causes


Not Sealing the absorbent Putty or Filler can cause the topcoat to ‘strike in’ Seal the wood filler or the putty.
Not Using Enough Sealer or Not Sanding enough allowing topcoat to ‘strike through’ • Sand carefully.
• Give special attention to edges and corners while sanding.
Changing of Gloss observed on material from same container or Change observed after a few hours of spraying. • Stir the material in the beginning thoroughly to ensure it is uniform.
• Stir after several hours, if highly pigmented or high amount of flattening agent is used.
• Sometimes, this agent may cause settling in to occur, quickly.
Increase in Gloss with Successive coats • Sand to bring a smoother finish
• With more coats the finish looks glossier.

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