Lack of Hiding

Lack of Hiding

When after drying, the paint fails to hide the underlying colour or surface, on which it has been applied, the defect is called Lack of Hiding.

Possible Causes


Higher reduction of paint Add fresh and unreduced material to balance reduction.
Application on very Hot, Smooth surface that tends to cause the finish to Flow off Use a fast evaporating solvent
The slow evaporating solvent causing too much flow Use a fast evaporating solvent.
Improper Stirring of Pigment into suspension, making it settle to the bottom • Stir before use and check if the pigment is evenly distributed.
• Check for low film build.
Edges of the surface show through Round the edges as they might be sharp
Improper atomization Adjust the spray equipment
No matching of the standard paint color. The base color is showing through topcoat. Basically, low thickness • Apply more paint to achieve full hiding using spray gun.
• Colour the base coat with same topcoat colour for extra hiding.
• If the pigments used are organic, make thicker film as they lend poor hiding.

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