Shiny patches might appear when the painted surface is subjected to cleaning or brushing, this defect is referred to as Marring.

Possible Causes


Incomplete Drying of Paint Film Allow more days for drying before cleaning or brushing the surface.
No Coalescing of the Emulsion base is observed, when the temperature is bellow 55° F and the surface is not cured. Apply the paint at recommended temperature conditions.
No Curing of Acid and Polyester coating at Low temperatures. • Check the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range.
• Usually the paint takes 7 days to reach full hardness.
Pot-Life Expiry Use within pot-life or reactivate with fresh materials and catalysts.
Soft Film Formation • Use recommended systems only.
• Check if mar-resistant additives can help.
• Do not use NC lacquer, if a hard scratch resistant film is needed.

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