Orange Peel

Orange Peel

When the coated surface develops a kind of finish that resembles an orange peel, the defect is termed Orange Peel. The coating is not smooth but exhibits the texture of an orange.

Possible Causes


Improper Thinning of paint • Choose solvents that evaporate slowly.
• Use recommended amount of thinner.
Using Poor Grade Thinner Use better grade thinner for material.
Failure to Deposit a Wet coat • Check solvent.
• Use correct spread and overlapping of stroke.
Material Not Dissolved thoroughly Mix material thoroughly
Presence of Drafts (Synthetics & Lacquers) Eliminate excessive drafts
Presence of Low humidity, causing rapid dry conditions Raise humidity of room.

Defect due to problem in the Spray Gun

Stroking is too Rapid Stroke slowly and make deliberate slow spray passes.
Air Pressure is too Low in the Spray Gun Increase atomizing pressure or reduce fluid pressure.
Using Wrong Air cap Select correct air cap for the material and the feed.
Fluid Pressure in the Spray Gun is High Decrease the fluid pressure
Holding the gun too Far from the Surface or too Near Hold the spray gun at a distance of 6-10 inches from the surface.
Spraying is Striking a Wet and Sprayed surface • Do not over spray.
• Ensure not to spray on a surface that has been sprayed already.
• Spray detail parts first and end with wet coat.
Air Temperature is too High and Hot Use retarder solvent to lower the temperature.

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