Poor Adhesion to Substrate

Poor Adhesion to Substrate

The paint film does not adhere to the substrate properly; it peels off here and there. This is due to Poor Adhesion to the Surface.

Possible Causes


Unclean surface Clean the surface with volatile solvent
Lifting of Primer of Sealer from the Surface – An Incompatible Finish. The Solvent in the Finish coat lifts the primer from the surface. Ensure to use recommended primer and finish coat together.
Though the film will dry and appear good, primary adhesion will be ruined.
Sanding the wood to a Smoother consistency. The problem is rampant in hardwoods that have closer grains. • Use 120 grit sand paper. for wood that have closer grains.
• Use 120-180 Emery paper for softwoods and wood with open grains.
Stain Comes off along with the sealer Apply a thin coat and then, wipe the stains off.
Applying Stains that are too Heavy. Either they are not wiped off or they did not dry, after application. Ensure that the stain is dry, prior to applying the sealer.

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