Poor Drying or Non-Drying

Poor Drying or Non-Drying

The paint film does not dry thoroughly due to certain conditions and this results in Poor Drying or Non-Drying.

Possible Causes


Humid Weather If possible, place the wood to be painted in a heated drying room.
Cold Weather • Maintain a temperature of at least 25-35° C.
• This temperature is ideal for normal drying.
Greasy, Waxy or Unclean Surface • Clean the surface thoroughly with volatile solvents.
• Let it dry completely before finishing.
Before Application, Improper stirring of pigmented finishes into Proper Suspension. Stir the material thoroughly so that liquids and pigments are evenly dispersed.
Incompatibility of Stains with Clear coats, if the application is over a stained surface Use proper stain
Improper ventilation Ensure good ventilation.
Applying a heavy coat to fill rough wood may retard thorough drying • Do not attempt to use a finished coat as a surfacer.
• Apply only as a normal wet coat.
• Ensure not to exceed 4-5 wet mils of total film thickness.

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