Settling-Vehicle Separation

Storage Defect – Settling / Vehicle Separation

When components like pigments and extenders used in the paint formulations settle down at the bottom, the condition or defect is called Settling. Once, settling sets in and the settled components harden and become sticky, the paint cannot be re-dispersed.

Possible Causes



Storing for Longer Duration Do not store the paint for longer duration after thinning. • Stir the paint mechanically till it reaches a homogenous consistency as recommended by the manufacturer.
• Discard the paint if stirring does not produce favorable results.
Storing in a Warmer place • Do not store the paint in warm places.
• Store the paints in conditions mentioned by the manufacturer.
Excessive Thinning of paint that results in reduction in specific gravity and viscosity of the paint. This disables the quality of pigment to remain in suspension. Hence, it settles down. Thin the paints as per the suggested ratio.
Thinning the Paint with incompatible and non-recommended compounds. Thin the paints only with thinners that are recommended by the manufacturer.

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