The defect caused when bubbles are formed on the surface of a coating, by trapping air or vapours beneath the surface is referred to as Blistering. It mostly occurs in areas where veneer does not adhere properly. Blisters resemble uneven collection of rounded or blister-like bulges caused by uneven contour of annual growth ring.

Possible Causes


Drying of Topcoat on the surface, before air can be released. • Reduce airflow.
• Reduce heat in the room.
• Retard the drying of topcoat.
Non-Drying of Filler, Glaze or Wipe Stain Dry filler and glaze or wipe stain completely, before applying topcoats.
Using Butyl Cellosolve as a Retarder • Butyl Cellosolve is a heavy solvent. If too much is used, it will sink to the bottom of the film.
• Before completely drying, if the top of the film skins over, then solvent pop occurs.
• Use optimal amount of Butyl Cellosolve as suggested.

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