Ever since my childhood, I always have been attracted to challenges. I hail from the Eastern part of India where every day was indeed a challenge. When I began working for Sheenlac, my career was just budding. Being away from my family, language barriers and cultural shifts were all challenging. It was a tough call but then eventually the professional culture and the ocean of opportunities at Sheenlac overweighed the barriers I faced.
I started my career with paints and in my journey, I went on to understand the vagaries of coatings and paints. I had opportunities coming my way in different verticals and I gained knowledge in these areas of expertise. After having completed 2 years with Sheenlac, I still feel there is a lot to be explored inside the colorful world of paints and coatings. Here is my take – “If you are an avid learner and have a passion to excel, Sheenlac is the family you would want to be part of”.

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