Elegant and Glossy wooden furniture for a lifetime!

Lend more sheen to your furniture and safeguard it from damages by choosing from the wide array of Sheenlac Interior and Exterior Wood Coatings!



Choose the right wood coating to extend the life of your surface
Wood is a wonderful, versatile building material that has been used for thousands of years to construct everything from walls and floors of the family home to the furniture and cabinetry that fill it. In order to keep wood functioning at its best and most beautiful, it needs to be protected from abrasion, chemicals, moisture, UV radiation, weathering, and attack from microbes such as fungi and mould. This is the job of wood coating. With such a wide range of substrates (hardwood, softwood, MDF, aged wood, or green wood) and applications (exterior, interior, furniture, building, residential, industrial) it is no surprise that wood coating is a highly professional in terms of application methods and products.

A quick look into the wood coating process
Whether using paint, varnish, or stain it is important to use the correct application methods and processes. A primer or sealer cannot be used as a final topcoat, and though some topcoats can be applied as all-in-one systems, not all can.


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