Mr.Basheer | Indo Burma Hardware

I am a reseller of SHEENLAC’s products for over 50 years. The products and services offered by SHEENLAC are exceptional.

Maruti Agency | Rajasthan

I feel proud to be a part of the sheenlac distribution. I am a distributor branding well-known brands and it was my dream to associate myself with such a powerful brand like sheenlac. Sheenlac is known for its quality of products across various ranges, including thinner and wood coatings. They are the 1st one to bring distributor concept in the paint industry and are able to make it a grand success. It is a pride movement being part of the company.

Mr.Santhosh Kumar | Surya Agencies

Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you placed in us. Feeling very proud and happy to be the part of sheenlac associated since 10 years. Sheenlac recognizes as one of the reputed brands in the market for delivering best quality products to the customers in automotive paints, wood finishes, and decorative paints.

Mr.Dhanraj | Subbulakshmi Hardwares

I take pride in the fact that SHEENLAC offers the best range of products along with their best-in-class services. The company is at the forefront of providing the best to their customers. I thank and wish SHEENLAC all the best.

Mr.Sapan Sahu | Payel Hardware Store

It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of sheenlac paints. Being a dealer we deal with different brands, out of all the services and products are quite better off sheenlac which helps to satisfy the customers. They always have the helping hand to meet the customer’s need.

Details coming soon…

Details coming soon…