Sheenlac Styl Plus Exterior 1K Alkyd Polyurethane, formulated with UV absorbers and antioxidant provides resistance against challenging conditions like harsh sunlight, heat, cold and moisture. Appearing dark purple in color in the can, this product dries clear and lends a stylish look to your wooden furniture!

Recommended use:
Perfect choice for exterior surfaces namely doors (including fiberglass and steel doors), patio furniture, fences, wooden windows and other wooden surfaces that are exposed to harsh extremes of weather and direct sunlight. Sheenlac Styl Plus Exterior can also be used inside of window frame but not suitable for surfaces like decks and walkways that are subjected to heavy wear.

Available packs:


Product features:

Single component Formula: Easy-to-use right out of the can since, no component mixing is required.
Low Odor: Low Paint Odor during and after application ensuring that the property is ready for occupancy within a shorter period.
Good Gloss Retention: Despite prolonged exposure to changing atmosphere, the initial gloss remains intact for months.
Good Flexibility: Special constituents like oils allow the finish to withstand contraction and expansion of wood as seasons and temperature keep changing.
Water Resistance: Prevents moisture absorption ensuring prolonged wood life.
Heavy Metals Free: Non-hazardous and does not contain Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Cadmium and Arsenic.