Fast evaporating Thinner are used for undercoats and primers, which will not yield any gloss wherein medium and slow.

Enamel Thinner: This cannot be used in other than Enamel Paints and Primers.
PU Thinner: D-67, used for Polyurethane Primer, Top coat colors and Clears.
Wood Polish Thinner: To dilute the wood polish
Cleaning Thinner: Used in the industrial segment, to clean the metal substrate and paint lines.

Recommended use: Thinners are recommended for Top coats, where gloss and smoothness is of importance.

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 Classification of Thinner:
NC Thinner – Fast, Medium and Slow Evaporation types.
• Slow – D-72
• Medium – D-13x, D-40, D-33, SP-58, D-18
• Fast – Wood Polish Thinner