Jenson & Nicholson Safeguard Optima Anti-Dust Exterior Emulsion, formulated with special types of co-polymers and silicon chemistry ensures rich sheen finish and long lasting dirt free exterior walls with all seasons protection. It is a fortified product with long term protection for up to 7 years.

Recommended use:
Jenson & Nicholson Safeguard Optima Anti- Dust Exterior Emulsion is perfect for painting exterior walls, exterior cement plasters, exterior ceilings, asbestos sheets, concrete, etc.

Product features:

1. Excellent Dirt Resistance
2. Rich Sheen Formula
3. Outstanding Light Fastness with Non-Fading Bright Colours
4. Excellent Resistance to Algae & Fungal Growth
5. Weather Guard, Long Term Protection upto 7 years.