Opulence Interior PU is an acrylic based 2 pack polyurethane clear wood coating. It forms and tough, non-yellowing film that accentuate the nature beauty of interior wooden surface.

Recommended use:
Opulence interior is the perfect solution for light and dark colored commercial and household furniture, wall panels, kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, Table tops, Bar tops, music instruments, sports goods, and other interior wood surfaces that require a hard durable finish.

Available packs:


Product features:

Durability: It forms a tough yet flexible film which resists cracking even at curved edges. Further its special chemistry imparts it good heat, stain and chemical resistance properties.
Superior gloss retention: Opulence Interior Forms a clear non yellowing coat on your wooden interiors which accentuates their beauty for a long duration.
Resistance: Opulence has high gloss, stain and heat resistance when compared to conventional wood finishes.
Film flexibility: Opulence forms and extremely flexible film on the surface of wood which resists cracking even on the curved edges.