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Be able to offer coating solutions for all possible applications and become the most valued and trusted paint and coatings company.


Be the first choice of customers for Decorative, Automotive, Wood and General Industrial coatings by offering to customers the best possible products, services, quality and value with durability, protection, aesthetics and sustainability embedded as key benefits in our offer.

We will provide this through sustained innovation and continuous improvement in our products and processes.


Our brand Sheenlac, was envisioned and established in 1962 by our founder Mr. John Peter, with the ultimate goal to exceed beyond customer expectations through innovative products of high quality. Assisting him in his enterprising endeavor to make Sheenlac one of the finest Paint companies was our Director of Factories Mr. Paul Peter. He was instrumental in launching non-alcoholic wood polish, an innovative product in the industry. Together as a team, they brought one-of-its-kind innovation in India like packaging the products in HDPE bottles, which underlined the company’s strong presence in the industry. Today, decades later our unique ideas and novelties sustain Sheenlac Paints as one of India’s most respected paint brands.

Mr. Sudhir Peter, son of our Founder has been a significant driving force in the organization, since 1990. Spearheading collaborations with major global brands, his strategic expertise has invigorated and strengthened the brand. Under his eminent leadership, Sheenlac Paints has augmented its distinguished presence in the paint industry and made phenomenal strides in becoming one of the leading paint brands in India.

The intended brand recall among industry influencers for our array of paints and related products stands testimony to our team’s successful journey so far. With the aim of making Sheenlac a household name to help our end customers add colours to their lives, we constantly add a wide range of unique products for our customers to paint any part of their home. Customer satisfaction being of paramount importance, Sheenlac Paints guarantees value-for-money to its end customers.

Our Founder members and team believe in the concept of giving back to the society. Our endeavours like building places of worship for the community and the green initiative launched under La Ferme De Peter are aligned with Sheenlac Paints’ social responsibilities. With the intent of environment conservation, promoting organic and sustainable farming and preserving traditional organic farming knowledge and practices, La Ferme De Peter of Sheenlac Group endeavors to encourage healthy and holistic lifestyle!


La Ferme De Peter

Sheenlac’s initiative to contribute to a better and greener planet ensued in La Ferme De Peter. La Ferme De Peter aims to revive organic and sustainable farming through modern innovative technology. Aspiring to conserve the traditional knowledge related to organic farming, the initiative promotes ‘biodiversity’ based ecological farming.

Equipped with extensive research and development on innovative and sustainable methods of cultivation, La Ferme De Peter endeavors to transfer the knowledge on environment friendly farming to the farming community and supports them to adopt the same. While providing timely advice on increasing output and cost effective methods, the initiative also helps the farmers with market access for their farm produce. To increase the scale and repute, the initiative focuses on strategic farm acquisitions that substantially increase the organic market. La Ferme De Peter functions with the objective to promote healthy and holistic living!


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