Acrylic Base Water Thinnable Cement Primer

Jenson & Nicholson Acrylic Base Water Thinnable Cement Primer, a white coloured primer based on acrylic co-polymer emulsion can be applied over a variety of interior walls and ceilings, to fill the porous areas and it also levels the surfaces. The product prepares the wall by hiding stains and discolorations to give a fine canvas for the topcoat with better adhesion.

Recommended use

Jenson & Nicholson Acrylic Base Water Thinnable Cement Primer can be used on interior surfaces like plastered surface, brick work, asbestos and concrete.
Not to be applied on surfaces / substrate with continuous seepage or dampness

  • Excellent opacity and whiteness
  • Good flow & Ease-of-application
  • Excellent Coverage ensuring improved aesthetics to top coats

Product Features

Shelf life is 2 years and should be stored between 15-30 degree Celsius

Available Packs

1L paint
4L paint
20L paint


210-230* sq ft/litre for one coat finish under normal conditions
*Actual coverage may vary due to factors such as method and condition of application, surface roughness and porosity and weather conditions.

Technical Data

drying-timeDrying Temperature
@25° C / 50% RH

Surface Drying Time

surface-paint-dry20 minutes

Stability of thinned paint

tack-freeUse within 24 hours

Overcoating Period

overcoating period4 – 5 Hours

Gloss /Sheen





Up to 1:1 mixing with water, depending on the application consistency required

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