Wood Polish

” Sheenlac Wood Polish is popular for producing rich, warm tones on wood, meticulously building up an absolutely flat surface to produce a beautiful finish of cat’s-eye depth and incomparable luster.
Sheenlac coloured Wood Polish which is often used in antique restoration or bespoke production of furniture.This is a favourite amongst antique restorers and cabinet makers. often used instead of a wood dye to recreate that amber, high gloss appearance so typical of many period antique finishes.
The colourless and transparent polish made from the finest quality pale de-waxed shellac and is suitable for the most delicate work. It provides an attractive economical gloss finish, which brings out the beauty of natural or stained timber. ”


“Wood polish is suitable for use on all types of soft and hardwood timber structures which is in less critical areas (where heat, water, scratch, stain and mar resistance is not critical). It can be used on all bamboo, cane and wooden surfaces including furniture, door, window, frame structures, stair rails and other professional work.
Not recommended for exterior use due to its limited UV Resistance.”

  • grained-timberReveals the highlights of well grained timber.
  • water-resistanceGood water resistance property.
  • lead-free100% Lead free.
  • refurbishing-furniture-waxThey are particularly useful when refurbishing furniture as they will seal in any wax product which may have been applied to the furniture in the past

Product Information


Packs Available

200ml bottle500ml bottle1L bottle3L bottle5L bottle10L bottle20L bottle


Coverage hand icon

100-120 Sq ft/L/Coat

**coverage may vary based on the type of wood used and the application methodology

Technical Data

drying-timeDrying Time
@30 c and 60% RH

Touch Dry

tack-free2 minutes

Recoating Interval

overcoat-interval30 minutes


By padding


Flash Point

Above at 12° C

Bare Wood

First, seal with one or two coats of NC wood filler and then apply four to five coats of Sheenlac Wood Polish.

Previously Varnished Wood (in good condition)

First, seal with one coat of NC sanding sealer and then apply three or four coats of Sheenlac Wood Polish.

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