WRITE-OFF is a two-pack isocyanate-free coating which can convert almost any paintable surface into an easy erase white board by use of appropriate primers and surface preparation methods. It can be applied on dry wall, wood, cement and metal. Erasable writing space created of WRITE-OFF has great ease of legible writing with white board markers and leave no ghosting marks after erasing.  

If you never have, then it’s time to inspire people around to



Office Buildings: Offer your employees freedom to innovate.

Schools and Colleges: Give students an opportunity to draw a masterpiece or solve the hardest equation, anywhere, anytime.

Homes: Don’t just sit and watch your kids scribble on the wall, join them!

Showrooms: Use walls as feedback boards for your customers.

Restaurants: Simply erase it off the wall and update your guests.

Hotels: Update your ever busy staff and guests without any hassle.

Product Benefits

  1. Two-pack isocyanate-free paint
  2. Extremely durable
  3. Non-yellowing
  4. Easy to clean and maintain
  5. Perfect for creating short throw projections and interactive spaces


Recommended use

Can be used to create dry erase surfaces on walls in
offices, meeting room, education institutes, cafeterias,
and kid’s rooms.


Surface Preparation

WRITE-OFF is a high gloss coating and the undulations and imperfections of the surface can get magnified if the surface is not smoothened out. Fill the holes and cracks, straighten the undulations and sand the rough surfaces before application. Frame the selected area to be painted using suitable painters tape. For concrete wall use JN WT CEMENT PRIMER and for metal use Jensolin White Primer. The primer surface should be allowed to dry for minimum of 24 hours and should free from all contaminations. Over the Primer apply recommended coloured or white wall coating emulsion. Apply the Write-off over the prepared colour / white emulsion. Coat by roller / spray. Apply one more coat as appropriate.

Application Procedure
  • Stir and mix the paint and hardener properly before use. Follow correct mixing ratios. This product can be applied by roller without thinning. If thinning is required, use the recommended thinners (Sheenlac 31 T) and should not thin more than 2% by volume.
  • Mix hardener gradually into the base container (not the reverse) under continuous stirring. Always mix the full quantity as supplied to avoid improper curing issues.
  • Apply 1 to 2 coats of WRITE-OFF to achieve the desire opacity as well as finish, provide min 4 – 5hours drying interval in between the coats. The best finishes are obtained when we apply using air assisted spray techniques.
  • Application Precautions
  • The mixed paint needs to be used within the pot life period. After application the applied surface needs to be left in ambient conditions for 3 days before it can be used as an erasable surface. Use duster or a lint free cloth to wipe and avoid using any abrasive material or solvent wiping to erase.
  • This product should not be applied over steel surfaces below due point and over 85% RH.
  • Do not store or transport the containers under direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures. Store the container in an upright position in order to avoid any leakage or damage.

    Shelf life: One year from the date of manufacturing in original tightly closed containers stored away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

  • Colour: Clear
  • Gloss / Sheen: Glossy
  • Method of application: Roller, Air Spray
  • Practical Coverage: Allow appropriate loss factors
  • Dry Film Thickness: 60 – 80 ㎛ in 2 coats
  • Surface Dry Time: 24 – 36 hours (25° C / 50° C % RH)
  • Mixing ratio: 2 : 1 part(s) by volume
  • Pot life: < 60 minutes @ 25° C
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